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Duckstation has built-in audio recording functionality it can be found inside: ("Debug" -> "Dump Audio") While the process might not sound appealing, it's absolutely best way to record PS1 audio - this way you can easily obtain CLEAN mixdown.wav total recording of whatever music/sfx/noise you're performing, keeping you safe from any PC interference like notifications, audio players and even emu-lag! (Low-spec musicians will appreciate that a lot - no more risky Audacity recording!)
This page will explain you how to use it!
Step 1
Step 1
make sure You're USING Duckstation
Step 2
Step 2
Enable "DEBUG MENU" in settings
go to "Settings"->"Advanced Settings" then tick "Show Debug Menu"! New "Debug" button should appear: Inside there's our recording button!
It's possible to start/stop recordings inside Settings-> Audio Settings but that involves more menu digging and is way less convenient than the way we do here!
Audio settings wise, you're free to tweak "Backend" part - it affects the sound tiny bit, but generally it's best to keep it as latency-free as possible for your own comfortable music making
Step 3
Step 3
Start Dumping the audio!
Audio recording STARTS when "Dump Audio" is ticked: It will be recording as long as you got it switched-on!
to FINISH recording, follow same steps like above!
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Ending audio-dumping is crucial so your recordings don't get corrupted (and keeps your storage clean!)
All recordings can be found in Duckstation's personalized directory (DuckStation\dump\audio). This folder is easily accessible through ("Tools" -> "Open Data Directory...")
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I. CD preparation:
Music2000 will only read Audio CDs, and nothing else! Such audio images are easily made by most CD burnning software, but almost none allow to create your audio CD as a file on PC! One of few software doing it is UltraISO! here's guide how to use it:
Download UltraISO From their main page!
Only ".WAVs" and ".MP3s" are accepted! make sure your audio samples are CD quality (Stereo; 16 bit; 44.1khz)
II. Sampling the CD:
1. Inside Music2000 select "CD player" option; (it's right next to "Load and Save") 2. Choose "No video". (You will see a message asking you to change CDs) 3. In top-left corner of Duckstation emulator, open up "Systems"-> "Change Disc"-> "From File..." 4. Choose ".cue" file of audio CD image you made (".bin" will not work!) If done correct, you should see this little audio player in the bottom right corner! Play track you want to sample, and press RECORD: Sample will start from the moment you press this button! Stop when you're done - New sample will be available in the lowest free Sample Palette number! I plan to list here in nearby future much more apps providing such functionality to create Audio CD images!